Best Places to visit in Bali for a Family Vacation


Bali is one gorgeous land that is filled with some of the best views, some of the best adventures, some of the best thrills, some of the best wonders that will surely leave you gasping for more. Often known as a perfect honeymoon destination but getting a family tour to Bali is also a great idea since there are a lot of great places that you can explore on a family holiday to Bali.

We have compiled a list of best places in Bali for a family holiday.

Peninsular Uluwatu

This is the place where you might even witness some weddings happening; also there are some great options for accommodation that you would find here to make the most of your trip. Also this beach will prove to be a great place for sightseeing as this place is filled with some of the best backdrops to fall in love with.

Mount Batur

You will be charmed to witness the amazing Mt Batur which is a delightful sight to witness that is surely no less than magical. A sunrise hike on this active volcano will truly make your day with its wonders to charm you. Mount Batur is at the height of 1700 m above sea level which is truly ethereal. There are some of the best adventures that you can get being here through its Crater Lake, hot springs and spectacular views. Also, it would be a wise idea to visit the Besakih temple.

Canggu, South Bali

Canggu is another famous place to visit while being on a Bali tour. This is a great place to try horse drawn benty rides and enjoy some of the most spectacular views that will completely overwhelm you.

Crystal Bay on Penida Island

Crystal Bay is one amazing place to include in your Bali tour packages from Delhi. This place has some amazing snorkeling opportunities waiting for you. You can also try some of the best barbeque options that will make you give an amazing treat to your taste buds and will make you never want to leave this place.


Explore some of the best markets while being in Kuta and also get to experience the amazing nightlife being here in Kuta.  One would have a great time visiting the nearby Tanah Lot temple that is perched on a rock and has the sea surrounding it enhancing its beauty. Also, Kuta will make you get the amazing experience of releasing the baby turtles into the ocean in the months of May to September. Kuta is one of the most popular places to visit in Bali.


Ubud is another paradisiacal place set up in Bali. This place is simply wonderful to spend time in, there are many great opportunities that you get being here in the form of jewelry making workshops, cooking classes, village tours, etc. Apart from that, there are also a lot of shopping opportunities in store for you in the form of art markets, river rafting and bamboo crafting classes.  Also, one can try some of those amazing Chocolate tours at Big Tree Farm that is a delightful experience for the entire family.

 Banjar hot springs & Git Git waterfalls

Visiting the Banjar hot springs is a great idea to enjoy your Bali holiday; this is a great place to be amazed at the local life of Bali. Visiting the nearby village of Lovina is also a great idea. Also, Git Git waterfalls are simply magical that will take your breath away and you will also get some of the best photo opportunities being here with your family and get some massive likes for your social media.

Pasir Putih beach

Pasir Putih beach is one amazing place to go to if you are looking for some great beaches that are not overcrowded with tourists, one can enjoy some of the best fishing opportunities being here in Bali where one can try being in. One can also rent a fishing boat being here in Pasir Putih and this crescent-shaped heaven will truly blow your mind with its beauty.


Seminyak is an excellent option for spas and rejuvenation. Seminyak is on the southwest coast of Bali and is a major holiday hotspot for families, there are a lot of spas that one can find in Seminyak, and this place has a lot of high end boutiques and many major five-star restaurants where you can go to with your family for some great shopping and dining opportunities. Also, one can enjoy some of the best views of the Indian Ocean being here in Seminyak.

Pura Besakih Temple

Being one of the most religiously significant temples in Bali, Pura Besakih temple is a must visit place on your Bali holiday. This temple attracts a lot of tourists to Bali and is a great tourist attraction. You would find more than 28 structures in this temple complex which is built on the seven ascending stairs. The temple will stun you by its magnificent architecture. So, make sure that you take your family along to this destination to take the blessings from the almighty!

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is one exciting place to visit for some great adventures that will make you some great adrenaline pumping activities. This place serves as some great adventure opportunities for the families in the form of snorkeling and diving. One would fall in love with the beauty of the turquoise blue waters and powdery sand white beaches that create extra ordinary beauty that will make up for an exciting backdrop for all your pictures.

So, these are some of the best places that you can go to on a Bali vacation with family that will fill your travel dreams with some fascinating memories. Book your travel with Universal Trip Solutions to get the best deals and discounts.

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